Humor me.

So, how many of us believe or rather believed-the past tense,  in fairytales? Like prince charming with blue eyes and while horse and all? Er, let me rephrase that. A rock star endlessly romantic and a smile to die for? And for all the men out there, since your imagination doesn’t go beyond bed, am talking to the girls. Too bad for y’all.

But, do we really reach the far end of  all the “happily ever-afters”?

Ha ha. Sooner or later, we figure that rock stars have more bimbos in their contact list than Paris Hilton has on her auditions for her BFF show and “endlessly romantic” and “men” don’t quiet  go on the same sentence unless we are talking about fictional characters like Mr. Darcy?

Reality check girls.

So, we settle for guys who make you feel apologetic about your past life and brood about how perfect his girl best friend is compared to your silly funny-self.


Don’t put the book down. Instead, read till you reach the last chapter, to the last line, to “happily ever after”.

Afterall, we deserve the “diamonds”, don’t you think so, ladies?




Talking about a new identity.

For some are scared of social judgments. Some, are too scared to be themselves while some believe there is nothing like “real”. While some, like it sneaky.

But, most of us just have a secret to share.

So, can you keep a secret?

Cause everybody needs a cover.